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Sulfur Mines


The visitor site, Sulfur Mine, is located on the west side of the Sierra Negra Volcano, about 11km from the control booth "El Cura".

Guava Pisidium sp. is present on much of this trail, it is an introduced plant that has invaded large areas of this volcano. 

The trail begins at the Control booth "El Cura", being the same departure point for Volcan Chico. It goes through the western side of the of Sierra Negra until the equestrian trail ends then continues to the interior of the caldera by a high-inclination slope and finally reaches a place where there are various sulfur fumaroles. 

Part of the trail is used by local hunters, who enter to hunt, mainly wild pigs and cattle. Galapagos National Park personnel also use this site to go to different places of work, where they do conservation work.

During the rainy season on the Sierra Negra volcano, an intense fog is present; it reduces the observation of the landscape in most of the trail. By contrast in summer, you have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular scenery of this volcano.

The main attraction of this site is the observation of the landscape, numerous fumaroles and sulfur mines. 

On the Sierra Negra volcano, there are two sites designated for camping, one is next to the Control booth "El Cura" and the other is visitor site the Sulfur Mines.

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